Indian Cinemas And Their Love for Saree

Indian cinemas and sarees work complementary to each other. Many of the Bollywood beauties and divas have been seen flaunting sarees in their movies and television shows. It’s a new fashion statement they have made to dress traditional in a ceremony with a beautiful saree.

Indian cinema beauties love saree so much that they have given us various styles of wearing a saree. They make a trend with their films and saree has come as the most trendy outfit among others. From sexy, hot saree to traditional sarees indian cinema depicts real beauty with sarees.

Rekha has always been seen wearing a saree in majority of the award functions and also generally. And her beauty glorifies with the saree. Nobody can ever look as beautiful as her.

Many actresses have been seen wearing a saree for an item song. They have also been seen wearing a saree in weddings of their friends and family.

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Let’s check out some of the sarees loved by Bollywood divas which you can carry too:

Shimmer saree

A saree that looks just the best on a beautiful person like you. This is a saree that is carried by many bollywood divas in their movies and award functions. The shimmer saree needs just the right amount of shimmery and perfect blend of sequence work with a matching and a sexy blouse. This saree will definitely make you look like one of your favourite bollywood beauties. It’s about making the right decision and choosing a perfect piece of art that is made with all the lovely styles making you glow like a star.


Red hot saree

Red hot is a vibe in a saree making you look just so glamorous. Bollywood divas are seen in red hot sarees in many bollywood songs and movies itself with a sexy way to drape it and looking absolutely hot in it. Its about the right choice you make while buying a certain saree which is unique and as per your taste. Glam up and set the event mood high with a red hot saree that will make you look just so classic and perfectly ensemble.


Heavy embroidery work saree

What’s best then a saree with heavy work and embroidery nicely done on it. Choose what is the need of the hour and how you wish to look in a certain event as its all about the glam and glow that you carry to be a star of the night. Bollywood divas are also seen in such a vibrant saree making them just so beautiful in every way that it inspires womens to wear a saree thats just like that.


 Light saree with heavy blouse

There is a new trend that came in with bollywood is a saree that is light but the blouse has all the heavy work on it making them look different in every way. So this saree is a best choice to wear on any event to have a subtle look and not be so heavy. This saree is a new fashion statement making people look absolutely gorgeous and lovely. What is being dressed up is simple yet elegant. Its upon you how you wish to look to make your event a memorable one.


Silk saree

Silk saree is directly associated with Rekha, a diva who carries this saree just the right way and looks gorgeous everytime with variant styles and colours. One can totally wear this and look stunning just like her as this  saree looks best on every person it’s all upon how well you carry it and look classy wearing it. Silk sarees are a big yes for each event be it a small event or bigger carry it with right accessories and right style & colours you will definitely look best.


Georgette saree

Look like  a bollywood diva with a georgette saree that when worn makes you look just the best and let you have all the glare. Georgette sarees are meant for the classic look , your occasion becomes amazing with such a graceful saree. This saree is very elegant in itself and makes you look extraordinary. What’s best then having that can be worn anywhere and everywhere be it a party or a meeting its the right choice. Georgette saree is one of a kind saree which is very unique in itself. Such a saree is made keeping in mind the new fashion statements and how it’s very trendy when worn perfectly.


SHUBHKARI is one such place that gives you all the above-mentioned sarees with the right quality and a price that’s totally affordable.

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