Latest Saree Trends In Weddings

Saree always makes you look glamorous on every occasion and so it’s the perfect choice for womens to wear at a wedding. Let us be modernised at par yet we can’t deny the fact that a saree looks extraordinary on a woman no matter what. Be it any meeting or party or a wedding ceremony a saree is the right choice for it totally. Look the most stunning one in a wedding with a saree of your design picked up right with all the perfect designs and style.


Most of the bollywood divas are also the ones who love saree the most and are seen wearing it in most of the occasions or some award functions. It’s just that when a woman wears a saree they stand out among others and look most alluring.


Wedding season is on and with it the question of what to wear is also on. So to solve all your queries we have come up with the latest saree trends in weddings to make your life easier. To look best in wedding is what every women wish for and to make you look bestest SHUBHKARI COLLECTION has the best designs and styles available. A perfect place to get what is  needed and totally as per your taste.



Some of the best trendy sarees are described below:


Lehenga style saree

These saree look perfectly alluring on every women and is the right choice for wedding outfit. No need to wear any heavy lehenga just drape this beautiful saree which is made of lehenga style letting you just be amazing. What else can a person wish for then a blissful saree made just for you with all the right designs and detailing giving you a classic look. A wedding outfit needs to be special one and so this style of saree is just right for you. Going with the recent trends and matching you fashion quotient this saree is perfect for you.




Georgette saree

Weddings become more great when we look the best and carry an outfit that suits us best. Georgette sarees are meant for the classic look , your occasion becomes amazing with such a graceful saree. This saree is very elegant in itself and makes you look extraordinary. What’s best then having that can be worn anywhere and everywhere be it a party or a meeting its the right choice. Georgette saree is one of a kind saree which is very unique in itself. Such a saree is made keeping in mind the new fashion statements and how it’s very trendy when worn perfectly.





White or off-white saree

White sarees are the new fashionable sarees , people have gone mad over wanting their outfits to be white in colour. The white trend came with the bollywood divas as they wore white sarees and made it a new fashion trend. Mostly in indian culture white is regarded as inauspicious and so people avoid white colour but today white has taken an upper hand in wedding outfits and people love to wear white sarees. A colour that looks beautiful on each and every person you can wear white saree with some designs and different patterns making you look classic. White saree with heavy borders and lace is seen to be a perfect outfit for a wedding.



Beige saree

Beige is a colour that in itself just so amusing that people find it unique and out of box. These sarees are new in trend with being worn by many celebrities and being a different colour. Beige has an earthly tone and texture. It’s a colour that goes with the indian skin colour making it loved more. With being such a great colour it gives a chance to wear accessories that people love and which are different. It’s a lively saree making you look stupendous and fabulous.




Black saree

Black is always the right choice. Today wherever one goes you see someone in a black saree which tells how much black saree is loved today. Weddings are an event where you need to look your best version and with black saree you look just amazing and stunning. There are many tons in which you can carry a black saree. With it already being a hit trend people play safe to look just the best with such a saree. Black saree can be worn with heavy work or just plain depending on the place you are visiting.





Vibrant colours saree

With vibrant colours in a saree you set the royal look. Such sarees make you stand out among others they are worn with heavy blouses with right designs and embroidery. Usually they prefer such a saree when they want to go to a wedding which is of their close ones or worn by the bride herself making her totally different from others. Red, orange , yellow or a mix of them make some of the vibrant colours. Just make everyone awestruck when you enter a ceremony with such a saree that’s worth it.


Aesthetic saree

Saree which are totally simple but yet beautiful are ones called aesthetic saree. Some sarees like hot hues saree, floral sarees and many more. When a woman wears such a saree she looks way more pretty. A saree should be made with right designs , finishing, beautiful blouse, and alluring border work and lace work. When you wear a simple saree and carry it right you look most beautiful. It’s just how well you carry a saree to make it extraordinary.





SHUBHKARI CREATIONS is one such place that gives you all the above mentioned sarees with right quality and a price that’s totally affordable.

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